Last Updated By:  Donovan Hale, January, 2024

Having the Authenticator App allows users to log in to their accounts even when they are unable to receive SMS text messages, or if their verification number for 2FA is not usable.

To initially set up the Authenticator App, you will need a phone number that can receive SMS text messages, and you will need to know your email address and password.

Step 1: Install the "Microsoft Authenticator App" for your mobile device.

                             Android                                                                                                                               Apple

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Step 2: Set up your Office 365 Account to work with the Authenticator App.

A. Open the Authenticator app and select to the + button and tap Add work or school account. Select Sign in.

B. Sign into your school account.

C. When you sign in with your TMU email and password, you will be asked for a code. This code can be found in the authenticator app.

D. Type the code displayed on your phone into the prompt, and you will be signed in.

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Note: These are synthesized instructions from Microsoft, more details found here: