IT Resources for New Students

Congratulations on being accepted to The Master's University! 
This page provides information about your new TMU account, and for class registration and management.

TMU Account

After acceptance, you will receive an email containing your newly created TMU email address and password. You will no longer sign in to the Application Portal and you won't need your application credentials anymore. Your TMU email will serve as the username for your student email, class registration dashboard, and eventually Canvas class pages.

Registering for Classes

Once you have been approved for registration, you can navigate to the Student Portal and sign in to the Registration Dashboard to pre-register and register for classes.

The tutorial videos at this link Registration Tutorials should answer any questions you have. If you run into any issues, please reach out to your advisor. 

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Once you have been fully registered for classes your Canvas account will automatically generate and you will receive an an invitation to sign in to Canvas with your TMU information. 

Accessing Your Classes

All TMU classes use Canvas, which is a learning management software. Once you have registered for classes, your Canvas account will be automatically generated and you will receive an email in your TMU inbox. You can view your courses, complete assignments, and much more all within Canvas! Here is a helpful guide to getting started with Canvas:

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For any Canvas questions / issues please reference this helpdoc: Canvas FAQ - TMU IT Service Desk ( If your issue is unresolved, please contact

Created By: Zachary Urdaneta, May 2024