Last Updated By: Bennett Criss, May 2018

Purpose: To help all TMU constituents troubleshoot login issues.

Some login issues can be caused by a bad cached password and not be an issue with your current credentials. Unless you've forgotten your password, you can try clearing your browser's cache before resorting to a password reset. For assistance with this, please visit our documentation on Clearing Your Browser Cache.

Note: Resetting your password by either of the methods in this documentation will reset your password for your Canvas, Self-Service, Content Management, and Outlook accounts.

Method 1: Using Office 365 to Reset Your Password

Note: This method requires you to have already signed in and set up your alternate contact information.


1. Go to and sign in with your email address (last name + first initial + middle initial Alternatively, you can go to and click on "Email".

2. Select Forgot my password.

3. Put your username into the User ID box (if it has not been automatically filled in), type in the characters from the picture, and click Next.

4. Select "I forgot my password" or "I know my password" and click Next.

5. Select "Text my mobile phone" or "Call my mobile phone", enter your phone number, then click Text or Call.

6. Enter the verification code and click Next.

7. Enter your new password, meeting the password requirements (12+ characters, uppercaselowercase, numbers, and symbols), and select Finish.

8. Wait a few minutes and try logging in again. You may need to close/re-open your browser or clear your web cache. 

Method 2: Using the Password Reset Form to Reset Your Password


1. Open your web browser and go to This will take you to the password reset form.

2. Fill in your Account Information.

Note: Your username will be your last name + first initial + middle initial. Do not include 

3. Assign yourself a new password, then click Reset Password

5. Wait for the confirmation page and try logging in again. You may need to close/re-open your browser or clear your web cache.