Last updated by Donovan Hale 8/18/23

If you are going to be using Microsoft Teams to do voice or video calls, it's a good idea to test your setup before going into the meeting, or after you have made a change to your hardware (new mic, camera, speakers, etc.).

Make a Test Call

1. Open Teams and select the 3 dots to the left of your profile picture -> Settings
2. On the left-hand side, select Devices
3. Choose Make a test call

During the test call, it will ask you to record a short message as though you were leaving a voicemail. After, it will play it back so that you can hear the sound quality. 

Additionally, you can see your camera quality and angle by scrolling down on the Devices tab, under the Camera heading.  

  • The test call feature is only available in English for now. Additional languages are coming soon.

  • Your test recording is immediately deleted after the call. It won't be retained or used by Microsoft.

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